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20 Year Warranty

Product Warranty & Coating Warranty

We warrant the shutter profile components in the product known as Prestige Plantation Shutters. The plantation shutters poly-resin profiles are warranted for a period of 20 years from the date of installation of the shutters against decomposition provided that the product is installed internally (“the Product Warranty”). A separate warranty is given by the Manufacturer for a period of 20 years for the coating on the product or Paint Coating (“the Coating Warranty”). The Coating Warranty is a warranty that the coating shall not have an imperfection visible to the naked eye in sunlight at a distance of 1.5 metres (other than minor colour variations which may occur between samples supplied).

All hardware that is supplied with the shutters (ie. hinges, tracking & locks) is warranted for 20 years. The Product Warranty, Coating Warranty, and Hardware Warranty are together referred to as the Warranties. The Warranties apply only when the shutters are installed internally in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions and are used for the intended purposes for which the shutters have been manufactured. The Warranties are not transferable and are only available to the customer to whom the invoice is addressed.

Warranty Commencement Condition

The Warranties shall be valid once the installer has completed the installation of the products and payment has been made in full.

Light Gaps in Plantation Shutters

There is a tolerance in manufacturing shutters that allows for small variations in light gaps between plantation shutter blades. This means the light gaps are not to be inspected when the blades are fully closed (closed tight) but rather, with a 4-6mm separation between the blades. Plantation shutters are not designed to, and should never be sold as a complete block out product. Therefore, they should not be judged as such.

Warranty Exclusions

  • The Product Warranty and the Coating Warranty do not cover:

  • Defects due to any contamination or pollution due to surface dirt or staining.

  • Any unreasonable or unusual use of a failure to carry out normal maintenance and cleaning.

  • Any damage caused by damage to the building or other events or other acts of God, accidents or intentional damage.

  • Misuse of any kind including oversize panels, faulty assembly, faulty handling or faulty installation.

  • Any modification or repair to a shutter panel or frame by a person other than an authorized installer.

  • Use of silicon based sprays or abrasive cleaning agents on the product

  • In the event that a customer wishes to make a claim with respect to either warranty, the customer must notify Proshades in writing within a period of one calendar month of first detecting the defect.